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T. " He came to the conclusion that "the original purana may be regarded with some probability as a work of the 4th century B. " He even decided that it was a Saiva work, and continued: "It is quite possible that the genealogies and the lists of rivers and tribes were originally drawn up in prose. At some date, which is at present unknown, the original purana was re-written in verse, while the original chronology gave place to the system of Kalpas, and the history subsequent to the great war was thrown into prophetic form.

If such quotations are found in the extant purana texts, they belonged to the purana at least from the time of the particular author on dharma who cites them. A large majority of these quotations do not, however, appear in our extant puranas. Hence the conclusion that these verses must have belonged to the earlier version of the purana, which was different from the extant one. For example, a number of quotations in the nibandhas suggest that, in the Agni°, Vasistha speaks to king Ambarisa on dharma.

The omission of the Vayu° in several lists is often explained by the fact that the Vayu° and Brahmanda0 are, to a large extent, identical; hence, in the lists in which the Vayu° is absent the Brahmanda0 is supposed to stand for both. 15) use the term "Vayaviya called Brahmanda" (vdyaviyam ... brahmdndam iti samjnitam). g. 232; Srimula on Kautilya (TSS 79, p. 35). 39) probably result from misprints. xvii. 14 WILSON 1840 = 1961: xxiv: sdram dkrsya sarvatah. 15 caturtham vdyund proktam vdyaviyam iti smrtam I sivabhaktisamdyogdc chaivam tac cdpardkhyayd.

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